A message for parents:

Since March 2020, life has been challenging for very many of us. New parents have rightly had heightened concerns about the well-being of their newborn and family. There has been isolation, a lack of hands-on support, encouragement and education, and in some cases a deterioration of mental and emotional health.

With vaccinations and boosters now available, and with our lives slowly getting back to some sense of ‘normality’, I feel there is a huge sense of relief and hope for 2022.  However, with new variants around, we must make sure we do not become complacent. 

I am fully vaccinated and boostered, and taking in-home clients. I believe it is possible to stay as safe as safe can be, assuming both client and doula have responsible boundaries and are fully and mutually transparent. Personally, I am meticulous about taking sensible precautions to protect clients, babies and myself.

I am here to walk alongside you during this time of postpartum transition. If you would like to chat things through with me, do reach out to me, so we can talk through any concerns you might have.