Certified Postpartum Doula (International Doula Institute, 2019)


I became a certified postpartum doula in 2019, and there are so many reasons why I love my job!

I have a deep heart for the well-being and nourishment of women, and especially of moms with their newborns in those early weeks and months post birth.

Having had two children of my own, I know the exquisite joy of new motherhood, but also just how overwhelming, lonely and depleting this time can be. And never before have new moms needed support more than they do now, especially in these  unprecedented times. And as we begin to emerge out of Covid restrictions, I feel new moms need more support than ever, because we all still need to stay safe by taking precautions and making sensible decisions, even if we are fully vaccinated and boostered. 

I am a nurturer by nature, kind, compassionate and committed. I have a listening, empathetic ear and will stand alongside you in your moments of self-doubt and celebrate with you in your moments of victory.

My passion is as an educator, guiding you about all things mom, baby and beyond.

I have a true heart for your well-being as a mom.


As your postpartum doula, I will offer you calm, patient and loving support, sharing with you evidence-based advice on breastfeeding and newborn care, bonding and soothing, newborn sleep, nutrition, self-care and much more. I will mother you, encourage you and empower you to be the mom you want to be.

I will prepare nutritious snacks and meals (I love to cook!), be on baby duty while you sleep, run errands, fold laundry and generally be an extra heart and an extra pair of hands in your home. I am also known for my wonderful neck, shoulder and foot massages, should you need one!

My goal will always be to help equip you and your family with skills, knowledge and confidence during this profound time of change. I will bring a warm, capable and hands-on presence into your home, enabling and inspiring you and your family, day by day, moment by moment.

It will be an incredible honor to support you, as you welcome your newborn into the fold.


I am British and live in Montclair, NJ with my husband and two teenage children (16 & 18).

I am fully vaccinated and boostered, CPR and First Aid trained (American Health Care Academy) and have professional liability insurance.  I work in Northern NJ.

I have also lived in India and Ethiopia, on the west coast of the US, and, of course, in the UK. I have taught AIDS prevention programmes in schools and cared for abandoned babies in Africa; I have managed the careers of rising opera stars and most recently authored a weekend workshop for women, She Can Fly.

I have also successfully co-ordinated six intercontinental relocations (yes, six!) for my family and am fully aware of the pressures and difficulties of life for those of you who are expats in the NJ/Manhattan area, especially with a baby in tow!

I love to sing, read, write, cook, host and gather community. I am CPR and First Aid trained (American Heart Association) and have professional liability insurance. I work in northern NJ.

Joanna Taylor Postpartum Doula
My two beauties, 2006
Joanna Taylor Postpartum Doula
Indian elephant, 2004
Joanna Taylor Postpartum Doula
My Ethiopian friends, 2018

“Joanna was comforting, knowledgeable, helpful and flexible, providing emotional support and guidance to myself and my husband. I honestly don’t know if I would have survived my first two weeks of being a new mother without her!”


“Joanna’s expertise, knowledge and professionalism were a gift to have in those first few weeks postpartum. She played a tremendous role in boosting my confidence and knowledge on all things childcare, as well as enhancing my mental well-being.”


“Joanna was wonderful! I truly do not know what I would have done without her insights and care!”


“Thank you endlessly for your time and our wonderful conversations. You’re an absolute dream.”


"Joanna was a blessing to work with, she was knowledgeable and extremely personable. Having her support was so helpful and she truly cares about her clients."


"She was fabulous and felt like a member of the family by the end of our time."


"I am so, so grateful that we hired Joanna! She was a lifesaver to me, she was supportive of my mental and physical health, she was there for whatever questions I had and was non-judgemental at all times. She provided a safe haven of support and calmness. Postpartum doulas are truly a gift, and I am so grateful to have had Joanna supporting me.”