Certified Postpartum Doula Care with Joanna Taylor


Certified Postpartum Doula Care with Joanna Taylor


Certified Postpartum Doula Care with Joanna Taylor

The sweet joy of motherhood.

I am a British certified postpartum doula trained by the International Doula Institute (2019).

Having a newborn is an exquisite, sweet and profound time for you and your family. Yet it can also be utterly overwhelming, chaotic and depleting. And more!

As a postpartum doula, I am here to serve and support you, as you navigate your way through this extraordinary time of change. I will gather you up; listen to you; encourage and care for you; I will guide you with evidence-based advice about infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery, baby-bonding, and basic newborn care.

My role is to ‘mother the mother’ as well as to nurture and nourish your entire family as you all adapt to life with a newborn.

Postpartum Doula by Day

My role will be different each day, according to your needs, but will always include:

  • Newborn Care

    Help with breastfeeding, baby-wearing, bonding, bathing, soothing and sleep sweet sleep.

  • Maternal Care

    Emotional and physical support, advice about nutrition, hydration and rest, massage and love.

  • Family Care

    Snack and meal preparation, promoting family bonding, organization and tidying, sibling care and running errands.

Postpartum Doula by Night

When you are beyond sleep-deprived, you will long for just one good night’s sleep!  I offer 8-10 hour ‘night-time’ shifts, whenever required, taking care of the following:

  • Sleep Sweet Sleep

    While you sleep I will help out with whatever else is quiet and useful!

  • Feeding Support

    If you are breastfeeding, I will bring baby to you during the night. If your baby is bottle fed, or you have pumped breast milk, I can feed her. After she feeds, I will tend to her needs and soothe her back to sleep.

Postpartum Doula Fees and Packages

You can either pay by the hour, or we can work out a custom package, tailored to your specific needs. My initial phone or in-home consultation is free of charge.


$50/Hour – Day (minimum 16 hours per contract; minimum 3-4 hour shifts, depending on the distance)
$50/Hour – Overnight (minimum 10 hours per night)

My initial phone or in-home pre-natal consultation is free of charge.
Free parking to be included in the contract

Taking care of yourself is the kindest thing you can do.